What does the name Community Base Addons mean? It is a system that:

  • Offers a range of features for addon-makers and mission designers.
  • Aims to have community wide acceptance and to be used as much as possible by community addons to maintain compatibility.
  • The community is very much encouraged to request or submit functionality.
  • The most obvious example would be to submit functions to be included in the CBA function library.

Full documentation is available at GitHub[cbateam.github.io]

Licensed Under GPLv2
Any addon which calls CBA-defined functions need not be licensed under the GPLv2
or released under a free software license. Only if you are directly including CBA code
in your addon’s binarized PBO or redistributing a modified version of CBA itself would
your work be considered derivative and therefore be legally required to be released under
the terms of the GPL. (And there’s no reason to ever do either of these.)

CONTACT: Account Steam
VERSION: v3.15.3.210310
LAST UPDATE: 10/03/2021

  • CBA_A3 v3.15.3.210310## Change Log SummaryNew features and improvements for compatibility with Arma 3 version 2.02.**ADDED:**
    – Network – Add naked unit bug workaround (#1406) **Kexanone**
    – XEH – Add Suppressed EH from 2.02 (#1427) **PabstMirror**
    – Characters – Unlock malaria-infected civilians (#1344) **Kexanone**
    – Arrays – Add function to get standard deviation (`CBA_fnc_standardDeviation`) (#1407) **Kexanone****FIXED:**
    – XEH – Fix missing XEH on GM objects (#1426) **commy2**
    – XEH – Fix missing XEH on AoW objects (2.02) (#1420) **PabstMirror**
    – Joint Rails – Add Compatibility With Mk14 Classic variant (#1398) **commy2**
    – Keybinds – `CBA_fnc_addKeybind` and custom controls (#1379) **mattysmith22**

    – XEH – Use compileScript in CBA_fnc_compileFunction (#1422) **PabstMirror**
    – Utilize `isNotEqualTo` (#1376) **Neviothr**
    – Use `fileExists` command (2.02) (#1410) **PabstMirror**
    – Tools – PyLint improvements (#1418, #1417, #1416) **Killswitch00**
    – Use `configOf` command (#1419) **PabstMirror**
    – Diagnostics – Add indentation in debug console with `Tab` (#1357) **veteran29**
    – Magwells – Add CZ 807 Magwell (#1397) **TyroneMF**
    – Hashes – Add Documentation for default parameter in hashGet (#1382) **jokoho48**
    – Magwells – Add 556 STANAG magazines to SCAR EGLM magwell (#1401) **Dahlgren**
    – Magwells – Add ACP-C2 magazine to `CBA_45ACP_1911` magwell (#1400) **Dahlgren**
    – Magwells – Add `CBA_45ACP_1911` magwell to ACP-C2 (#1399) **Dahlgren**
    – Magwells – Update 556 STANAG magwell with Sand magazines (#1402) **Dahlgren**
    – Use `unitTurret` command (#1380) **PabstMirror**

    – AI – Add Invisible Target Soldier string key (#1393) **commy2**
    – Translations – Fix French Translations (AI) (#1394) **Elgin675**

  • CBA_A3 v3.15.2.201119**CHANGE LOG SUMMARY:**Add CBA_fnc_canAddItem function #1330 by Dystopian
    Inventory – Add context menu options for pointers and optics #1328 by veteran29
    Add CBA_fnc_hashValues #1350 by Fusselwurm
    Add Disassembled XEH support #1384 by veteran29
    Add IMI Galil magwells #1367 by Freddo3000Fixed:
    Invisible Target improvements #1346 by commy2
    Joint Rails – Pistol Pointer slot uses Bipod slot overlay #1345 by commy2
    Disposable – Reduce savegame file size #1334 by commy2
    JR – Ensure class names returned by compatibleItems are in config case #1335 by mharis001
    hashValues – don’t copy arrays #1377 by PabstMirror
    Fix statemachine conditions using global variables #1390 by BaerMitUmlautTranslations:
    Russian translation #1347 by smitt14ua
    Add missing Polish translations #1348 by HubertStefanski
    Translation – Add French Translations (Ai) #1387 by Elgin675

    Change log for [CBA v3.15.1](https://github.com/CBATeam/CBA_A3/milestone/48?closed=1)

  • Minor improvements for the Arma 1.98 patchCHANGE LOG SUMMARY:ADDED: Settings – Show raw values in tooltip for list settings #1321
    FIXED: XEH – Update configs for 1.98 (Oldman) #1311