This mod is obviously heavily inspired by MrSanchez’s Headlamps, which have been around for ages.

I personally love that mod, but I also thought that it could use a small update – recent updates that were done to the game engine allowed for a rewrite and generally to make it super lightweight, so it’s basically a simplified version of it.
I also would like to make the headlamps work with BettIR and generally IR lights, which might come in the future.

– Toggle on/off with a keybind (Shift + N)
– Three light colors in moderate brightness (Ctrl + N)
– Easily extendible, see the section below
– Supports vanilla Enhanced Helmets and Light Enhanced Helmets

Known bugs:
– Headlamp persists after changing headgear
– Headlamp doesnt always follow the freelook – this is because it actually follows your head; In Arma, freelook relies on the eyes as opposed to the head rotation
– Probably laggy in vehicles, to be fixed at some point
– Offsets are experimental and not very precise
Logic is very basic so there might be extra bugs around it

Adding support for other assets/mods
There’s two ways to achieve this.

Firstly, there is a class called “Headlamps_Presets” which includes available presets for this headlamp. Each preset allows you to set the color cycle and the offset in relation to the head of the player.
Currently, there are three presets – Headlamps_Preset_Full (should be just centered somewhere on the forehead), Headlamps_Preset_Helmet_Surefire_HL1_Right (HL1 mounted on the right ear protector), Headlamps_Preset_Helmet_Surefire_HL1_Left (same but mirrored), Headlamps_Preset_Helmet_Surefire_HL1_Left_ARC (HL1 mounted on the ARC rail, which is slightly higher than the Peltor earpiece).

If you want to set it through config, you have to set a flag Headlamps_Preset=NAME_OF_THE_PRESET in your headgear. For example, for the light helmet, it is:

class H_HelmetSpecB : H_HelmetB_plain_mcamo { Headlamps_Preset=Headlamps_Preset_Helmet_Surefire_HL1_Left; };

You can also add it on the mission-level, if you want quick results.
In your init.sqf, run

Headlamps_ExtraCompatibleHeadwear pushBack [‘MyCoolHeadgear’, ‘PRESET_NAME’];

so for example, for VSM OpsCore 2 which has a headlamp to the left on the ARC rail:

Headlamps_ExtraCompatibleHeadwear pushBack [‘VSM_OGA_OD_OPS’, ‘Headlamps_Preset_Helmet_Surefire_HL1_Left_ARC’];

AUTHOR: Vestarr
CONTACT: Account Steam
LAST UPDATE: 09/06/2021
MOD REQUIRED: CBA: Community Based Addons for Arma 3

  • v0.1 initial release